Refund Policy

Refund Policy: We take utmost care about the packages purchased by our customers through the purchase form both online and offline. We always strive for 100% satisfaction of our customers related to the EasyFix services. But, if sometimes things go wrong or in the unlikely event related to the EasyFix services, we do have the refund policy for our customers.

There are some eligibility criteria for refund of amount, which are as follows:-

You are eligible for:

Full refund: if an issue is not resolved within 7 days, for incident based plan only.

Subscription based plan, you will be eligible for the full refund if none of the issues are resolved within 15 days after registration.

If one or more issues are resolved and the customer still wants the refund of his/her amount before time period defined in the agreement then a partial refund will be done, after deducting the service charge on resolved issues.

You are not eligible for:

Any refund if the cases are closed after customer’s permission.

Refund if within a week the case gets closed.

Refund if the issues are resolved and 60 days of subscription has passed, an only partial refund will be initiated for rest of the period that remains.

Cases which are fixed and something goes wrong on the computer due to hardware damage,however, services will be continued on the existing computer or can be switched to a new computer.

Note: EasyFix is always with you for help in different ways. We encouraged that before filing any dispute directly from the bank, kindly give us a call or email so that final settlement can be done on mutual understanding.

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